Hi!, I'm Jack Howell

I'm a user experience focused product designer based in San Francisco. I've worked with a wide range of companies to craft smart, fun and useful digital products. I'm happiest when collaborating with smart people on challenging projects that make the world a better place.

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Hello (at) jrwh.com | (646) 734-0714

'99 -'02
Graphic Design

How does it look?

'02 - '07
Interaction Design

How does it move?

'08 - now
Experience Design

How does it work?


Observe and Record

Who are we designing for?


What are we making?


What ideas do we have?

Prototype and Test

Are our ideas any good?


How will it actually work?


Is it working?


Case Study:

Desktop Application for a Mobile Device

By using design principles, gaining team and then client consensus I was able to save a project from being a collection of half working features to a simple app that did what you expected it to do.

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Recent UI, icon and page designs

Educational Content

Mobile, tablet and desktop

Tablet OS Design

Next Gen Operating System

B2B applications

Products to get things done

Product Configurators

Customizable ecommerce

Energy Conservation

Personalized saving program

And here is some older work : AP Reports | LEGO Games and Animations | Office Art


Jack is by far one of the best thinkers in the business. We started on the same day at Razorfish and during my two years there I collaborated with Jack almost monthly on a brand new idea or concept he had. He has a knack for thinking outside of the box and seeing new and interesting uses for emerging technologies.

We worked together on projects involving Microsoft Surface, Arduino (embedded computers), iPhone, Mobile Web, SMS, and Advanced Flash development.

When he has had to step into the "real" world of web development, his concepts were always grounded in excellent user experience. He didn't try to reinvent the wheel for every project, but he always brought something new to the table.

As a developer, working with Jack was a pleasure. Not only was he able to communicate the concepts well, but when needed, he was able to build actual prototypes using code. That simplified the development process significantly and ensure a final product as close to the original vision as possible.

I would highly recommend Jack for any position where thought leadership is paramount.

Alexandru Petrescu
Software Engineer at Facebook

Jack Howell is one of the most innovative people that I've come across in this industry. At Razorfish he was consistently pushing the envelope with emerging technologies (mobile, social, and even physical computing) which he has a true passion for. When walking by his desk, I'd always see half a dozen experimental projects in progress involving internet applications and devices. This was always very inspiring and somewhat unique in interactive advertising. Additionally his hands-on prototyping skills using Flash and other tools were highly sought after in the agency.

On top of that he's a real pleasure to work with. As a senior-level experience designer he is adept at using his visionary sensibilities and applying them to real-world business problems. He always brings a new angle to problems and his work style is highly collaborative. I would recommend Jack to any organization looking for fresh, visionary design talent."

Kyle Outlaw
Group Experience Director at Razorfish

To say Jack was a pleasure to work with would be an enormous understatement. It was a pleasure to work with Jack due to his constant curiosity to learn, which was portrayed by how carefully he explored every element and feature of the prototypes he worked on. Due to Jack’s extensive UX background and experience, he was able to work fast to complete prototypes without ever compromising the quality of his work. His calm and eager demeanor in regards to learning more about the possibilities of a prototype, inspired members of the design team to do the same, which made him an undeniably leader and mentor. Having Jack as a mentor allowed me to think about and question components of visual design at a higher level, which is the best gift I could be given as a young creative.

Sara Falk-Mann
Visual Designer at Zearn

Jack is such a joy to work with. His relaxed energy and ample wit provided a great environment for hashing out tough design problems. Jack is also an incredibly insightful designer and problem solver, made all the stronger by an infectious curiosity! Jack makes you want to know more...about everything! I deeply appreciate Jack's patience and sense of humor. Basically, an all around great guy to work with!

Denise Pasquinelli
Product Designer Amplify Education

Jack is an incredibly adept designer/flash developer/ux engineer/project lead. He can nearly do it all.

Always on the cutting edge of emerging technologies, Jack provided dependable insight throughout any and all roadblocks that were encountered.

Whether it's his pixel precise design, well thought out user interfaces, or rock solid programming, Jack has consistently been a 'go to' worker in the office.

Last, but certainly not least, his expert project leadership qualities always helped us stay on track and on time for our project milestones.

Ryan Luce
Mobile Engineer at GlobeSherpa, Inc