Tablet OS Design

In 2010 I worked with motion graphics studio Perception and hardware developer Fusion Garage to design the operating system and major applications for a new consumer tablet that Fusion Garage was developing.

The background of this project is that Perception had been producing science fiction interfaces for major motion pictures such as Iron Man 2 and Men in Black 3. Fusion Garage needed to make a big splash with their new tablet due to the major flop of their first tablet release called The Joo Joo. To this point all of Perception's interface design had been for fictional systems that were designed around what an actor had done in front of a green screen.

I was brought in to turn the fictional interfaces in to real software. My mandate was "to make something that the world had never seen before but is so intuitive that anyone could just pick it up and use it right away."

It was a huge task that was very fun to work on. We made some great work but the project ultimately died before the tablet could go to market. Read this article if you would like more detail. Below are some of my wireframes along with the graphics they turned in to.