Educational Content

Over the past few years I've worked with a variety of education startups including Zearn, Amplify and Voxy. These projects offered me the great opportunity to partner with pedagogical experts, class room teachers and subject matter experts. I enjoyed improving products that helped students and teachers learn and teach topics better.

Voxy app redesign

After a thorough heuristic evaluation of Voxy's language learning app I performed a redesign which greatly increased in-app subscriptions.

Voxy's business model is to have english language learners subscribe to daily feeds to learn english from news stories.

The original interface (left) offered too many initial options and did not communicate the app's main feature.

In the redesign (right) I added copy to communicate the app's main feature and had the app gray out all other features when the app is opened for the first time.

While in the article experience I decreased focus on the main imagery and removed the bottom navigation to increase focus on the text.

For word and phrase translations I switched the display from a modal window to a sliding panel which gave considerably more room for the translation and audio features.

For the quiz which followed the article experience I again removed as many distractors as possible to increase focus on the learning content.

Self Guided Math Instruction

While working with Zearn, a math instructional start-up, I created interactive math practice applications based on the Singapore method of instruction.


View Axure Prototype

View Axure Prototype

View Javascript Prototype

View Axure Prototype

Teacher Lesson Orchestration

While working with Amplify I developed a tablet based application for classroom teachers to orchestrate multi-screen lessons.

Personalized Flash Card App

While working with Voxy I developed a language flash card app that allows users to use objects from their own environment as visual content.