Work Product

Sometimes my job is primarily being a problem solver. The problems I come across can range from fundamental aspects of a product to mild inconsistencies in a user interface. Solutions can be found through asking questions, reducing features, sketching, prototyping or producing detailed wireframes.

Below are a sampling of the types of work I produce.

Animation describing a high level table top touch experience.


An artifact after a brainstorming session about tape diagrams.

Wireframe annotations for an interface.

A sketch describing a conceptual user experience.

Wireframe for a touchscreen interaction.

A sketch describing a conceptual user experience.

A sketch describing a touch screen kiosk proposal.

An audit of digital experiences from simple to complex for my team to get on the same page about the direction of project.

A diagram describing a user journey.

Questions used in brainstorming sessions.

A schematic drawing for a proposed 3D shopping experience.

A flow document describing how students go through levels of an english learning app.

A simple style guide direction from a UX perspective.